Program Offerings



  • Drumming (African, Latin, Stick)
  • Vocal Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acting
  • Songwriting
  • Music Exploration
  • Podcasting
  • Build the Beat
  • Mural Arts
  • Poetry in Motion/Spoken Word
  • Dance Expressions
  • Electronic Music Production


buildthebeattBuild the Beat teaches music and rhythms from around the world to students from K-12. Students learn the basics of percussion including rhythm, tone, and tempo and play a variety of percussion instruments including conga drums, shakers, tambourines, and more but then take this knowledge to build their own instruments from found objects.






African DanceDance Expressions: Students explore a variety of dance styles that can include Modern, Jazz, African and Hip-Hop. This fun and high energy class focuses on building on the skills of the individual students and teaching them to work as an ensemble with a strong emphasis on learning proper dance technique including balance, body alignment, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Depending on the length of workshop students may also create original choreography that is showcased in a public performance.


Acting ClassActing 4 All: Through theatre games and acting exercises, students learn the fundamentals of acting. Working individually and collaboratively, students strengthen the actor’s toolbox including vocal and movement work, they practice using imagination to create characters and explore a variety of experiences and become more confident, expressive and comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Acting residencies can be tailored to explore a specific theme or subject.


Poetry in MotionPoetry in Motion: Writing comes to life in a workshop that engages young people to appreciate, create and share poetry that is meaningful to them. Students explore words and the power of language by reading the works of established poets and then are guided to share their feelings and experiences by creating original poems. Spoken Word and Rap-styled writing can also be incorporated to excite all children to embrace self-expression through writing.


wallleMural Arts: From conception to formation, students work with a professional visual artist to create a public art piece and learn valuable skills in design, composition and aesthetics. Students will also build drawing and painting skills while exploring line, shape, form, movement, and color theory.



Electronic MusicElectronic Music Production: Working with a traveling media lab, students learn the essentials of music composition while creating their own beats and songs. They will begin by learning Garageband software and explore its collection of loops, sounds and effects. Through the process of constructing their own songs, students learn about using rhythm, tempo and melody effectively. Depending on the length of the residency poetry or songwriting can be incorporated and students can also record vocals to complete their musical creations.


The What, Why and How to Build a Podcast: This program will teach students podcast production so that they fully understand all the stages of Podcasting. Starting with the idea/theme, students will then go on to development, research and scripting. After that, they will learn recording and sound editing. A podcast is a virtual way student can use audio to tell a story or share an opinion. There are many benefits to doing Podcasts; cultivating listening and speaking skills, empowering your voice and sharing with a larger audience.