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12 (February 12th  – May 18th

Grades K-12  

Adult Private Lessons available 

Low-cost Instrument Rentals 


Click here for a list of *Class Days and Times 

*not all classes are available please call for more details


Classes & lessons are held 1 day per week 

  • Tues. & Wed.

    5:30pm & 6:40pm (60 min classes) 
  • Saturdays

    10:30am, 11:45am, 1:00pm (60 min classes) 
  • Thursdays

    5:30pm & 7:30pm (80 min classes)  


(Teen Talk/Game Time: 4:45pm and Dinner: 7:00pm at no additional cost) 



Instrumental Music  

• Guitar (I & II) •   Piano (I & II) • Violin (I & II) • African Drumming • Drumline • Musicology • Music Explore!  

Performing Arts  

• Acting • Singing • Hip Hop Dance • Movin’ & Shakin’ • Screenwriting •  Dance Studio•  Choreography • Ballet 

Visual & Media Classes  

• Art Workshop • Anime/Cartooning • Painter’s Studio • Music Production • DJ  • Recording Studio • Podcasting • Fashion Design • Jewelry Makers • Graphic Art 

Specialty Classes 

Young Chefs  • Karate • Glo Girlz Club (self-esteem) 



Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice, Acting, Visual Art and more for Grades 2 to Adults.  

30 minute one-on-one lessons offered 1 time a week. 

Note: 24 week lessons are prioritized over 12 week lesson requests.  Accommodating lessons is based on teacher availability. Not all art forms will be available at all preferred days/times. The more flexibility you have, the better chances that we can accommodate your request.  


TROUPE CLASSES: (By interview/audition only) 

High-level performance classes that are training students to work as professionals 

Grades 5- 12 

The IMC Band • Harmony Choir  





Prices are offered at a STANDARD or a MEMBER rate. 

  • Member Rates: Discounted tuition and requires parent commitment to fundraising & volunteering.  
  • Standard Rates: No requirement to fundraise or volunteer. Fewer discounts apply  


Standard Rates: 

Spring 24 Pricing

Standard – 12-Week

1 Group Class


2 Group Classes


1 Troupe Class


1 Private Lesson


1 Private & 1 Group Class


4 or more Group Classes


Adult Private Lesson


Member Rates:  Click Here for more information about Membership Requirements 

Afterschool 23-24 Pricing

Member – 12-Week

1 Group Class


2 Group Classes


1 Troupe Class


1 Private Lesson


1 Private & 1 Group Class


4 or more Group Classes


Adult Private Lesson



Payment Plans Available  

  • Requires approved credit card to be on file 
  • Requires an account in good standing. Not adhering to payment plan or membership requirements from previous semesters can make you ineligible for payment plan 

Payment Plan Dates:  It is your responsibility to ensure your automatic payments go through on the specific dates below.  If for some reason you are having issues with your card, you will need to contact Ms. Kristin immediately to fix. 

Spring 12 Weeks – 3 Payments 

  • Day of Registration, March 21st, April 21st  

Membership Fee  (If you enroll as a Member) 

Families pay an annual fee that applies to all family members enrolled 

  • $30 Membership Fee for 12 weeks 

Membership Requirements Include:  

  • Attending a one-hour, annual Membership meeting  
  • Membership Meeting Dates: 2/28, 3/2, 3/5, 3/7 
  • Obtaining Membership Points:  
  • Families must earn a certain # of points for every child enrolled 
  • Fundraising, Volunteering, Social Media Participation, Providing Meals, Direct Donation 

Materials Fees:  

Additional fees are assessed for the following classes. 


12 weeks

Piano, Guitar




Art Workshop, Anime & Cartooning, Comic Book Creation, Character Creation, Jewelry Making, Fashion Design, Crochet


Painter's Studio


Cooking Classes




Violin, Ukulele, Guitar and Mini-Keyboard Rentals: $30 

Instruments for Purchase: Roll Up Mini Keyboards - $50, Drumsticks $5,  



Orientation Day:  Saturday, February 10th,  

Spring Semester: February 13, 2024 - May 18, 2024 (12-weeks) 

End of Year Showcases: May 13, 2024 – May 18, 2024 

  • Spring Break – March 30 – April 4 
  • Rehearsal Week – May 6 – May 11 
  • Showcase Week: Smaller showcases will happen throughout the week of May 13th culminating in Arts Festival Day – Sat. May 18th from 10am – 3pm. 


*Break dates are subject to change due to any unexpected weather etc.