Current and Past Partnerships

Collaboration and partnership are core to the DNA of the Institute, with partners extending across the city and the region, including schools, social service agencies, government departments and other arts organizations. The Institute is able to work with this broad range of institutions due to its unique program models, its sensitivity to organizational needs and its insistence of the arts programming becoming a youth development priority before work begins. Past and current partners include:


  • Union County Division of Youth Services: Xpression Avenue Arts Tour 
    Multi-site, broad-based performing arts experiences for hundreds of at-risk youth.
  • Restore Ministries: Poetry and Music Club
  • Teen program for immigrant and low-income students through this 360-degree youth service agency.
  • Elizabethport Center teaches vital computer literacy and media interpretation skills, directly preparing older students for better jobs.
  • YWCA of Eastern Union County: Serving Survivors of Domestic Abuse
    Arts programming to motivate, strengthen and encourage children affected by domestic violence.
  • Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless
    Arts programming to enrich and excite children who are displaced or in transitional housing

  • Newark Public and Charter Schools

“Bendictine Academy is proud to support the Institute of Music for Children, a tremendous and inspring and comprehensive program of educational performing arts experiences made available to the wider Elizabeth, NJ community.

….a major provide of great services to our school and students.”
Ken Jennings
Principal, Benedictine Academy


“Our relationship with the Institute of Music for Children began with the Xpression Avenue Tour of ’09. The Institute introduced children and youth, ages 9-17 years of age, to an array of creative arts experiences that included art. Dance, music and creativ writing over a period of several weeks. We consider the X-Tour Project one of the most successful events have had the pleasure of being part of.
Darrell C. Hatchett
Director, Union County Division of Youth Services


The City of Elizabeth Office of Youth believes in this excellent institution and plans to be an active member in working with the organization.
Stanley J. Neron
Supervisor, City of Elizabeth Office of Youth Services

“Prevention Links believes in the integrity and character of [the Institute of Music].


Prevention Links would like to thank Alysia Souder for her leadership, creativity, and dedication to the at-risk youth in Elizabeth, NJ….Your professionalism and the artists you endorse are largely what made and will make our programs and events such a success. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.”
Pamela Capaci
Executive Director, Prevention Links


“The Institute was a benefit both to the agency and to the families that participated.
It is our hope that this partnership will continue and expand in the future, since the intersection of our missions – enhancing expression and using the arts to develop harmony, combined with the empowering women and children and healing their trauma through use of the arts – is a truly powerful combination.
Janice C. Lilien
Executive Director
YWCA of Eastern Union County